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because I believe that finding your place means finding where you belong

Kris Michaels

Yann helped us with our new home. He was patient, kind, and most off all listened to what we needed. He was fair, honest, always available and guided us in the right direction. We are so happy with our home and that we found him !

Who I Am

My name is Yann and I am a Real Estate Agent from France who specializes in San Diego area Real Estate. I’ve been helping my clients buy and  sell  properties - managing every aspect of the real estate process. No matter whether you’re looking to sell your current home, or find a new property, I can help you secure the best opportunities in the real estate market.

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San Diego CA United States

(619) 366-7343


Things to consider when selling or buying a house

Selling your House  Essentials

Buying your House Essentials

(619) 366-7343

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